Amid a global racial injustice reckoning, consumers want brands and corporations to play a central role in addressing systemic racism and respond to our growing multicultural world. To answer the call, Edelman’s multicultural team takes a bold approach to help clients and colleagues effectively address the current social landscape, especially as it pertains to the Black and Latinx experience.

Edelman’s multicultural communications team comprises more than 40 experts in the emerging majority with more than 20 years of experience specializing in multicultural marketing and engagement; social and racial justice; issues management; public affairs; and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We help organizations:

  • Create and adapt external-facing narratives to effectively reach Black, Latinx, and other emerging majority audiences    
  • Establish and evolve brand purpose to incorporate equity and justice considerations
  • Incorporate antiracist thinking into their employee engagement practices, and respond effectively to issues of racial justice within their own walls
  • Evolve, promote, and protect their reputations when confronted with a crisis or potential crisis surrounding bias-related issues

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