Driving growth through the power of behavioral science and predictive analytics

The Edelman Predictive Intelligence Centre (EPIC) aims to change the way organizations build relationships and trust with stakeholders to solve business challenges by understanding not just who they are and how they behave, but also why they behave the way they do.  

Our approach harnesses the power of behavioral science and predictive intelligence to map behaviors and discover what motivates and triggers decision-making, resulting in models that provide insights over time.   

In doing so, we help our clients address some of their biggest challenges, including:  

  • How can I ensure my marketing contributes to driving growth? 

  • How can I make my brand relevant to my audience? 

  • Why does my audience choose one brand over another? 

  • How do I drive growth in a competitive/saturated market? 

  • How do we more effectively drive audiences through the funnel? 

  • How can I be sure my marketing investment is being spent in the right places? 

A sampling of our projects includes: 

  • Made printing relevant again for a Fortune 100 company by studying learning behaviors and the relationship between parents and children in education.  The project helped our client market printers in an entirely new way. 

  • Re-architected the patient journeys for two healthcare companies by understanding mindsets, behaviors, touchpoints and triggers.  In doing so, we improved marketing budget ROI and increased engagement for these companies and their patients. 

  • Identified propensity for risk of investors for a financial company.  This helped match product proposition to customer segments, increasing velocity of sales. 

  • Built a crisis tool that helps predict potential PR crises, giving a company more time to identify, triage and respond to issues and protect its brand.   


EPIC Solutions



Understand patient / HCP journeys through behaviors, motivations and triggers to increase treatment




Predict critical issues and crises




Understand the triggers and motivations drive relevance, engagement and growth




Psychometric-led corporate and brand voice analysis mapped to audience drivers to increase impact 


EPIC is a strategic collaboration between Edelman and the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) for the research and development of new approaches to drive social change and optimize communications and marketing. We are committed to maintaining ethical practices in the collection and management of data and ensuring our standards are in compliance with GDPR and other regulations.