Disruptive technologies are changing the world, and in many instances, predictive intelligence is at the heart of this revolution.

Predictive analytics encompasses a variety of techniques including data mining, predictive modeling and machine learning. It also combines understanding of the human psyche and societal behavior patterns modeled against historical data and current events to make predictions about the future or otherwise unknown events.

The Edelman Predictive Intelligence Centre, in partnership with the Singapore Economic Development Board, conducts research and development into new approaches to communications planning using predictive and intelligent technologies. The Centre addresses a gap in the data analytics market, deploying behavioral science to help brands improve their understanding of human behavior and the motivations that influence and inform people’s decision-making.

Through research and innovation, the team hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the consumer’s psyche to understand what makes them trust a brand or another person. From these actionable insights we can deliver change programs that influence and shape behavior and habits. The Edelman Predictive Intelligence Centre will focus on developing three products:


Uses the power of big data, behavioral modeling and psychometric analysis to ensure better targeting, sharper content engagement and clear ROI of marketing campaigns, particularly in disrupted sectors such as CPG, finance and technology.



Will ensure the integrity of data so social issues can be managed using the power of behavior combined with social analytics, AI and Blockchain platforms to ensure deep transparency and accuracy of data being gathered, understood and used.  This product addresses issues such as food safety, supply chain compliance and fake news.



Uses big data for better targeting and channel planning to engage with physicians around wellness and key disease issues such as diabetes and nutrition, informed by local government policies.


We believe in using predictive intelligence as a driving force for good to help companies address societal issues. We are committed to maintaining ethical practices in the collection and management of data and ensuring our standards are in compliance with GDPR and other regulations.