One of the oldest industries in the manufacturing space, chemicals not only play a crucial role in our lives with products we use every day, but also contribute significantly towards industrial and economic growth around the world. Specialty chemicals are engineered to meet stringent performance criteria in a wide range of applications and end uses and they are often considered the “secret ingredient” in film, plastics and coatings, dyes and pigments, fertilizers, pesticides, colorings, flavors and fragrances. Leaders of specialty chemicals companies are facing challenges, with uncertainty across global markets, pricing pressures brought on by new competitors, fluctuating regulatory landscapes and an increased sensitivity to “green” supply chains.

To stay competitive and positioned for success, specialty chemical companies are increasingly turning to Edelman for their own unique mixture of counsel and innovative public relations strategies. With programs tailored to individual corporate needs, we’re actively addressing various stakeholder concerns, providing marketplace intelligence through research, driving business through awareness and marketing, targeting end-use industries with success stories, averting and dealing with crises, activating corporate social responsibility and helping executives find their voices with thought leadership initiatives.

With Edelman’s global presence, deep corporate expertise and marketing savvy, the today’s specialty chemical company is poised to meet the technological demands of industries for the cars we drive, the lotions we use, the roofs above our heads, the food we grow and even the shoes we wear for tomorrow’s jog.