Authentic 365 is an Edelman-powered podcast that dives into the stories and experiences of people who make their mission to live their truths all day, every day. This month’s podcast focuses on individuals who identify as GenZ and how they remain authentic in their daily lives—both at home, at work, and while interacting with brands and finding truth in a sea of opinions. Inside Edelman will be profiling this month’s Authentic 365 guest speakers. 

What is your role and how long have you worked at Edelman? 

I joined Edelman in March 2021, working in the Brand team in London.  

What’s something you’ve worked on that you are proud of?  

Pushing thinking on strategies to reach core audiences in different ways. For example, I recently landed an exclusive with BuzzFeed UK’s social media team, launching a new product with a visual piece of content rather than a traditional article, in line with where Gen-Z are consuming news. 

How do you stay authentic? 

By embracing my individuality and making sure that what makes me, me shines through and informs conversations and recommendations at work. I am also very lucky that the London Brand team encourages us to share and celebrate what makes us unique, as it’s vital to our client work and team culture.  

In the latest Authentic 365 podcast, you mention that it’s important to stay authentic at work because Gen Z-ers have an important voice at the table when it comes to the work we do on behalf of clients, especially in devising creative concepts. Can you explain that further and/or do you have an example of when you witnessed this? 

Reaching and communicating with Gen-Z is high on brands’ agendas at the moment, and with 9 in 10 of Gen-Z wanting brands to get involved in causes that better the world, we can expect to work on campaigns that strive to do this. I believe Gen-Z, as a representative of the target audience, should feel empowered to listen to their gut and provide counsel on creative work, especially in assessing consistency and authenticity.  

What advice do you have for others who are struggling to bring forth their most authentic selves in work/life? 

Spend time with people who you can be yourself around and reflect on how that feels. If you feel comfortable, share more of you with your team and bring your outside in.  

What passions/hobbies do you have outside of work? 

Anything to do with food and drink, so reading a lot of cookbooks, cooking and making cocktails (my favourite is a Bloody Mary), eating out and sharing pictures on my food Instagram! I also keep a close eye the football team I support, Nottingham Forest.  

What advice do you have for your younger self? 

Stay confident in your ability, be curious and worry less! 


Asha Jani is an Account Executive in the London Brand team.