Authentic 365 is an Edelman-powered podcast that dives into the stories and experiences of people who make their mission to live their truths all day, every day. This month’s podcast focuses on individuals who identify as GenZ and how they remain authentic in their daily lives—both at home, at work, and while interacting with brands and finding truth in a sea of opinions. Inside Edelman will be profiling this month’s Authentic 365 guest speakers. 

What is your role and how long have you worked at Edelman? 

I am an Account Executive on the Influencer Marketing team. I began my Edelman journey 10 months ago, starting at the beginning of June. I am responsible for executing influencer campaigns in the Canadian market—maintaining and managing the relationships with the influencers and their agents. 

What’s something you’ve worked on that you are proud of?  

My proudest moment would be taking the lead on my first campaign back in November. I had to work through tight timelines and go over a couple speed bumps but it was super rewarding to see the full thing come to life from start to finish. 

How do you stay authentic? 

I feel like authenticity comes from confidence. I'd like to say that I bring good energy to the table and I believe it comes from my inner confidence. It's helped me persevere and even land this position at Edelman. Sticking to my morals and beliefs are also very crucial in how I stay authentic, it helps me set boundaries and be my true self.  

In the latest Authentic 365 podcast, you mention that having to onboard virtually, you haven’t been able to showcase your authentic self fully to your colleagues. As we navigate this future hybrid working environment, how will you make sure you show up authentically at work? 

I feel like being behind a camera has been difficult for me to show my most authentic self. I am typically a bubbly person and I have been told I give off good energy. So when I say it is difficult to be authentic virtually it's because I feel like I am a toned-down version. After all, people don't get to feel my presence and see my full personality. Virtual meetings can be less engaging sometimes, and there's less opportunity to get to know your co-workers, it's typically a quick intro and straight to business. Building relationships with co-workers and clients have been manageable but found it took longer for me to warm up whereas a hybrid model will give me that opportunity to make stronger relationships with my co-workers. I will try to take the opportunity to engage in more conversation so my personality can really shine. 

What advice do you have for others who are struggling to bring forth their most authentic selves in work/life? 

Just be yourself! Don't hold back, it won't bring you happiness at the end of the day. Stop caring about what other people think because "normal" is boring anyways. 

What passions/hobbies do you have outside of work? 

I was previously a varsity soccer player and still play recreationally. I have an obsession with thrift hauls on Tik Tok and have a knack for putting outfits together. It is a fun way to express myself. I also am a big sneaker head; I wish I could have all the Nike Dunk colour ways. 

What advice do you have for your younger self? 

Speak up more—you have good ideas, share them. As well as trust the process, not everything can be controlled if you have good intentions and put in the effort everything will work out in a way that's best for you. 


Kristen Bettencourt is an Account Executive in the Toronto Brand team.