Our digital marketing forecast predicts that consumers will become the priority central marketing function in 2016. This year marks the rise of the Consumer Marketing Director.

In the full forecast and executive summary below, we outline how the digital trends with the most staying power all have one thing in common: focus on the consumer. Today’s consumers are more powerful than ever, and they are telling us what they want: implicitly through behavior and data—and explicitly through direct communication. Emerging technologies and opportunities enable brands to place consumers at the center of their marketing strategies like never before.

“As the largest social media agency in the world, we are seeing significant changes in the way consumers are informing and co-creating brand stories,” says Kevin King, global head of Digital. “The emerging trends we’ve highlighted leverage technology to connect with consumers where, when and how they want to be engaged. Brands must take a more contextual approach to break through,” King says.

Our digital trends forecast examines how video content, influencer engagement, social commerce, social listening and cross-device consumer mapping are revolutionizing the consumer experience. They also provide insight into three trends to watch: virtual and augmented reality, beacons and eSports.

View the full forecast and summary below for actionable advice to implement and execute against the major digital trends of 2016.