In the last few years, numerous studies have shown that many millennials favor experiential rewards sometimes more than bonuses, according to Bond Brand Loyalty. I believe that this preference is not just true for millennials. As we evolve to be a leading communications marketing firm, Edelman is committed to providing rewards and incentives for employees eager to stretch their skills.

Through our global partnership with the International Women’s Forum (IWF), the leading organization focused on the balance between women’s role in society and the workplace, we sent five powerful Edelman women from each of our regions to be delegates at the IWF World Leadership Conference in Boston. The conference brought together 1,300 female leaders from corporations, NGOs and government to identify and solve some critical global challenges. I believe this dialogue is the key to changing the face of global leadership.

Although from markets around the world, the delegates have a lot in common. Each was selected by their Regional CEO for their work on significant global business, high Quality scores for client satisfaction and their contributions to GWEN in their regions. One of the delegates told me “meeting such wonderful women from across the world that have had such successful careers has really changed my perspective of my career and my client work.”

Their representation at the IWF is one of several experiences that we offer for leading talent. We have a 92 percent retention rate of our Daniel J. Edelman Fellows, we reward high-performing U.S. employees with Edelman Escapes each year and we give those with ten year Edelman tenures a three-week paid sabbatical. We’re committed to recognizing best-in-class achievements and are always looking for other experiences that show our appreciation.

Be on the lookout for a blog later this month on their key insights from the conference.

Claudia Patton is Edelman’s global chief talent officer.