Being brave is never easy. When my son was chosen to be “Wizard of the Week” in kindergarten and share stories he loves in front of the class, he was terrified. “What if the kids don’t like it and laugh at me?” he asked.

My answer to my son — and to my clients considering taking a stand — is the same: Be true to yourself.

Whether it’s Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh’s full-throated plea for common-sense gun control or Nike’s embrace of Colin Kaepernick, these campaigns ring true to their brands. We can surmise that both brands had considered conversations around risk tolerance. We can be sure both are taking a long view on where the proverbial puck is headed. But I believe both stances would have fallen flat if not for each brand’s history and authentic connection to its cause.

Bottom line: Whether you are a Wizard of the Week or a Titan of Industry, when you show the world your authentic self, the people who matter will support you.

Amanda Glasgow is U.S. Practice Chair, Brand.