Business and Systemic Racism: The Next Step in a Long Journey

Lisa Osborne Ross, CEO, U.S.

The conversation on racism isn’t anywhere close to being finished. In fact, the real conversation on racism is just getting started. Our new Trust Barometer data puts a finer point on that reality, highlighting a divide that continues in America.

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A Heightened & Human Mandate for Food & Beverage

Megan Van Someren, Global Brand and Food & Beverage Chair

As an industry, the time is now to come together, to build a roadmap for trust and resilience, to make a meaningful difference. Not just for the people who buy your products, eat your food, use your services but for your employees, your partners and the food system at large.

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Declaring Information Bankruptcy

Richard Edelman, CEO

The 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer finds a new era of information bankruptcy and a trust ecosystem unable to confront it. The pandemic and infodemic are two strands of a Rambo DNA, inextricably linked in their destructive force. Government and media, the usual sources of quality information in a crisis, have both failed to meet the test.

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Science and Public Health: Transparency is the Road to Trust

Kirsty Graham, CEO of Edelman Public Affairs and Global Chair of Edelman's Health Practice

We enter 2021 with a huge hill to climb. Even as new vaccines developed in record time promise an eventual end to the Covid-19 pandemic and a path to economic recovery, the virus rages on, causing illness, death and economic desolation around the globe.

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A New Mandate to Lead in An Age of Anxiety

Dave Samson, Global Vice Chairman of Corporate Affairs

Circumstances have thrown CEOs into new and uncharted waters. This is underscored in the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer, which reveals that business is the institution most trusted (61 percent) to lead on a range of vexing issues.

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Business: It’s time to convert controlled rage to lasting change

Lisa Ross, U.S. COO and President of Edelman, Washington D.C.

Amidst the challenges of the past twelve months, Lisa Ross, U.S. COO, says one thing has never been clearer: This is a moment for business—an institution that inherently serves a bipartisan constituency—to offer competence and solutions.

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Can the Media Regain Trust?

Ed williams, President and CEO of Edelman, EMEA

The findings of this year’s 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer underline how a longstanding scepticism of media has metastasized into a broader distrust of nearly all institutions and spokespeople. Trust in all media—traditional, social and search and owned media—is at record lows.

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China: A Decline in Trust and a New Mandate for Business

Kevin Wang, Managing Director of Edelman China, Corporate and Reputation

For the first time, China ceded the top Trust spot to India, and now ranks second of 28 markets, according to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer

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Employers Must Lead in Rebuilding Trust—and Truth

Cydney Roach, Global Chair, Employee Experience

Latest Trust data finds us in the midst of an “infodemic”—a point at which institutions must essentially declare information bankruptcy and find a way to rebuild from this nadir of trust. In a seemingly post-truth world, who is best positioned to lead this rebuild? The employer.

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Answering the Call for Unity

Russell Dubner, Global Vice Chairman and Chair of the Edelman Trust Institute

Today, we’re releasing data specific to the U.S. What we found? A country riven by divergent and hyper-partisan perspectives, rising inequities and a fragile state of trust in our institutions.

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