Leveraging Edelman's extensive trust expertise, our proprietary trust algorithm and machine learning models, Trust Stream delivers always-on, actionable insights that empower leaders, brands and corporations to build, propel and maximize trust.



your trust against top competitors and within your industry


the daily trust contributions of publications, articles and social content


how trust evolves over time in association with your brand or corporate narrative


with an understanding of trust contributors and detractors for your brand and competitors


content creation, media tactics and communication priorities to build trust


Streaming Dynamic Data

With unmatched Accuracy

With Trust Stream, you’ll have access to the most comprehensive and accurate trust intelligence. Trust Stream applies Edelman’s proprietary trust-based large language model–ArchieAI–to identify, score, summarize and explain what’s impacting trust with precision and predictability.

Archie is trained on trust with world’s only Trust Data Lake comprised of 20+ years of Edelman Trust research and augmented daily with hundreds of millions of data points from earned media, social content, employee reviews, survey data and other sources.

Renowned Trust Expertise

From the team behind the Edelman Trust Barometer

As the world’s leading trust research authority, we know trust. For 20+ years, we have studied the influence of trust in society. We’ve also measured trust for 200+ companies and brands around the world. Now, we’re delivering real-time, AI-driven trust intelligence.


From world-class Experts

Harnessing the collective expertise of data scientists, engineers and machine learning specialists from across the globe, our team pushes the boundaries of innovation through our best-in-class, leading-edge tech stack.
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