Edelman Trust Barometer research is a globally deployed online survey of the general population. Designed by our research team, the survey questionnaires are programmed, translated, localized, and completed in up to 28 countries around the world, with demographically representative samples reflective of each population.

We seek to understand why people hold the views they do, using depth of questioning and sophisticated data analysis to understand how personal attitudes interconnect to shape broader societal forces. We track attitudes as they emerge, gain prominence, and fall out of favor.

Responsibility and sensitivity are essential to the research we do. We are committed to full transparency about our work and methodologies, and we frequently collaborate with and answer questions from members of the academic and research community. We adhere to both industry- and country-specific regulations and standards, including those of The Insights Association Code of Standards and Ethics and ESOMAR’s Code and Guidelines. We make every effort to present the data in formats that are clear, accessible, and fully validated.

Our publishing calendar begins with the launch of the Edelman Trust Barometer every January. We follow up with additional reports throughout the year, which delve into thematic topics like Gen Z’s influence on brands and companies, geopolitics, or trust trends within an industry, such as technology or healthcare. We also publish insights throughout the year on owned channels and through academic and media partnerships.

Our ambition is that every Edelman Trust Barometer survey reveals a set of new insights and valuable tracking data, which can inform a deeper understanding of trust and the forces shaping our world.

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