With U.S. polls showing former Vice President Joe Biden having a real shot at winning the White House in the upcoming election—potentially the first to unseat an incumbent president since 1992— financial services firms need to be aware of and plan for a prospective Biden-Harris administration. Business leaders should be bracing for a monumental shift in policy with Democrats gearing up to quickly overturn the President’s deregulatory agenda and to further strengthen consumer and worker protections.

At this juncture and with the election still in flux, the financial services industry has an opportunity to be a part of the solution and to help address the economic issues that the Biden campaign has prioritized, if elected. However, if the industry fails to act, it will continue to be scapegoated by the public and blamed for being unable to adjust and meet the economic needs of the American people.

Our financial experts in Washington, D.C. provide an analysis into the proposed reforms by a Biden administration and their impacts on the financial services industry.

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