The Day After: What CEOs and Brands Need to Be Doing Right Now

Event Recap

Edelman U.S. chair of public affairs Aaron McLear and global CEO Richard Edelman joined U.S. CEO Russell Dubner and COO Lisa Ross, as well as election expert Ben Ginsberg to discuss the day after and what brands should know. Here's what we learned.

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U.S. Approach to Foreign Affairs

The 2020 presidential election is not just a U.S. election, but one that will have repercussions on the global international order for decades to come. Click through for examples of how the candidates’ differing approaches could impact major foreign policy relationships.

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Establishing relationships with administration officials, cabinet members and key staffers most relevant to your business will be critical—especially through transitions of power and in the first 100 days of new regimes, to shape and influence policy in 2021 and beyond. Here, our Public Affairs team provides an overview of what they are forecasting and who they suggest keeping on the radar.

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Post-Election Guidance for Executive & Employee Communications

As we approach a potentially delayed and/or contested election, expectations for corporations and brands to jump into the fray on social issues like Covid-19 and racial inequality the private sector will be heightened, particularly given the dissolution of trust in government and media.

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Brand Communications Guidance Around the Election

For brands, transparency, objectivity, authenticity and relevance are at an all-time premium. So what does that mean for brands as we approach an election that's likely to be prolonged or contested? Edelman's experts explore this question in a new POV.

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2020 State Electoral Landscape

Though the national media spotlight of the 2020 election is focused on the matchup between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, another important element will be the outcome of gubernatorial and state legislative races across the country.

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Post-Election Day Considerations: What to Know, How to Prepare

As we prepare for an election unlike any other—conducted in the midst of a global pandemic likely to lead to record numbers of ballots cast via mail and unique circumstances for voters heading to polling places in person—one thing is certain: counting all the ballots will come under unprecedented scrutiny and is likely to take a longer time than the country has come to expect. How should businesses navigate this uncertainty?

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Agriculture and Food: State of Play and Top Issues

For the agriculture, food and beverage sectors, upcoming policy changes are likely to focus on programs that have impacted businesses and individuals challenged by Covid-19, such as hunger and nutrition programs, assistance for small and mid-size farmers, and protecting agricultural and food-processing workers. Edelman experts look at key factors shaping the in the run-up to the 2020 election.

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Employees are looking towards their employers to act on issues that impact them, and it’s therefore imperative that businesses demonstrate their commitment to engaging their employees in opportunities for civic engagement. In our latest POV, Edelman’s experts unpack the opportunities for corporations.

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The Top Energy Trends Driving the Election

Edelman experts look at key factors shaping the energy conversation in the run-up to the 2020 election, including corporate stewardship on the environment, energy sector job growth, and the export/import balance.

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Tech in the 2020 Election: Issues and Considerations

Edelman experts look at key factors shaping the tech conversation in the run-up to the 2020 election, including automation, diversity in tech, privacy, and undercurrents of nationalism.

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Healthcare Implications

Even before Covid-19 spread across the globe, healthcare was a primary focus of the 2020 presidential campaign. Covid-19 has now laid bare the challenges with our nation’s health system, creating a perfect policy storm. And a win from former VP Joe Biden has the potential to shape a widespread set of healthcare reforms, according to our analysis of his policies.

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Planning for a Biden Presidency: Impact on Financial Services

With U.S. polls showing former Vice President Joe Biden having a real shot at winning the White House in the upcoming election—potentially the first to unseat an incumbent president since 1992— financial services firms need to be aware of and plan for a prospective Biden-Harris administration. Our financial experts in Washington, D.C. provide an analysis into the proposed reforms by a Biden administration and their impacts on the financial services industry.

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