Even before Covid-19 spread across the globe, healthcare was a primary focus of the 2020 presidential campaign. Covid-19 has now laid bare the challenges with our nation’s health system, creating a perfect policy storm. And a win from former VP Joe Biden has the potential to shape a widespread set of healthcare reforms, according to an analysis of his policies:

  • A Biden administration is likely to implement a new approach to the pandemic, focused on testing, contact tracing and ensuring that a future vaccine is accessible and affordable.
  • VP Biden has stated that a vaccine should be free for all Americans. His path to achieving this lacks detail; however, we’ve already begun to see political pressure build on the pharmaceutical industry.
  • His administration is likely to build on the Affordable Care Act by introducing automated enrollment, younger eligibility, and new investments in community health centers and clinics.
  • On pharma, VP Biden has taken an adversarial tone -- vowing to cap drug prices and prosecute anti-competitive behavior.

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