We live in a world that's obsessed with physical appearances. Because of this, people often ignore what's on the inside. People usually find out they suffer from osteoporosis when it's too late - after they suffer a significant bone fracture. Because it's an internal condition that affects 2 million Canadians and one without obvious symptoms, there are no external indicators and getting checked is not top-of-mind. So, we took the invisible and made it highly visible.

Working in partnership with prominent Canadian fashion designer David Dixon, we created an 18-piece high fashion collection inspired by bubble wrap, the universal symbol for protection. The pieces were designed to accentuate specific body parts - the spine, wrist, shoulder, hip – those that are most susceptible to bone fragility and fracture. The Bübl fashion collection was launched on opening night of Toronto Fashion Week, North America’s second-largest fashion week, on Feb. 5, 2019.

Matt Barnes

The Impact

  • The campaign generated 461 million earned impressions with over 200 media stories covering the work
  • Post-campaign research concluded that 57% of respondents were more likely to take some action to learn more about osteoporosis
  • People were two times as likely to talk to a medical practitioner to learn more about osteoporosis
  • 87% of those who saw the campaign said that it made them want to learn about their risk of osteoporosis
  • Online risk assessment completions, a key metric representing the first step in taking action, were 337% above initial goal
2019 Cannes Lions Winner – Bronze Lion | Lions Health: Pharma Lions