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Up The Antibodies shines light on the reality of immunocompromised Americans. Fully vaccinated yet not fully protected, they’ve been left behind in our post-Covid-19 normal.


During the pandemic, 76% of immunocompromised Americans already believed they would need supplemental protection beyond vaccines. But only 26% were seeking it, often unaware of the role monoclonal antibodies could play in the prevention of Covid-19. One the one-hand, AstraZeneca needed to educate immunocompromised people about its game-changing therapy and encourage them to ask their doctors about it. At the same time, the work couldn’t decrease vaccine confidence or create unnecessary demand for the therapy from those with healthy immune systems.


The team wanted to shine a light on the Covid-19 reality that immunocompromised (IC) Americans are still living in, and provide them with a solution for normal living through AstraZeneca’s long-acting monoclonal antibody, EVUSHELD.

As EVUSHELD is the only monoclonal antibody authorized for prevention, we created an unbranded campaign, which we knew would open more avenues to balance breakthrough creativity with the regulatory rigors of pharmaceutical marketing.


To earn trust and inspire action, we needed to show the IC community that AstraZeneca not only empathizes with their daily struggles, but that it also has a way for them to get added protection, so they can live with greater confidence and security.

First, we knew we needed a personal story to bring this campaign to life. We partnered with Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges, who experienced a near-death battle with Covid-19, to create a 00:60 PSA that encouraged IC people to learn about a monoclonal antibody to help keep them protected. The PSA ran on network/cable TV and was shared on Jeff’s social channels. Jeff also issued a full-page open letter in the New York Times alongside an educational Covid-19 crossword puzzle. The engagement continued through a series of spots on The Daily podcast.

Jeff’s efforts were bolstered by Oscar-nominated couple, Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani, who hosted a media roundtable to discuss their Covid-19 reality, as immunocompromised patients. The campaign was further amplified by a variety of influencer patients, caregivers, and HCPs, which created a social groundswell that AstraZeneca promoted through its social channels.

All tactics drove to UpTheAntibodies.com for CRM registration.

The Outcome

In one week, we bolstered awareness of a long-acting monoclonal antibody as a preventative solution through …


earned media impressions


paid media impressions


visits to the campaign website