Dove Real Beauty Productions

For Dove’s 60th anniversary, we continued the company’s commitment to listening and caring for real women by launching Dove Real Beauty Productions – a new collaborative content studio. Crafted from our insight that 69 percent of women don’t see themselves reflected in media, we partnered with creative director Shonda Rhimes to shift the power of storytelling from Hollywood to the hands of real women and girls.

The campaign garnered over 3 billion earned media impressions and all subsequent films performed best-in-class for long-form video ad recall. Best of all, Dove provided a platform for women who boldly define beauty for themselves and inspire other women to do the same. The next 60 years of beauty are up to us, and working together, we can ensure all women and girls are reflected in media and culture.


  • 3,000+ story submissions just one week after the announcement
  • 3 billion earned media impressions
  • 24 million film video views