In China, the prevalence of tooth decay among 12-year-olds increased nearly 35 percent from 2005 to 2015. While most parents still believe that good dental hygiene means brushing teeth twice a day, dental professionals suggest that neglecting timely oral care after meals contributes to the problem. Wrigley’s Extra Sugar-Free Gum wanted to inspire Chinese parents to encourage their children to chew sugar-free gum after meals, which can help prevent tooth decay and improve oral health.

We tapped into Chinese school children’s daily lunch routines and created the first interactive lunchbox that encourages children to practice oral hygiene after meals — Extra Care Box. The care box used artwork that playfully changes with heat and reveals cartoon characters who work together to clean their teeth. This fun activation captures children’s attention and encourages them to open a built-in compartment and chew the sugar-free gum inside it after meals, a simple reminder that helps improve their daily oral hygiene — without interrupting their playtime. 


  • 5 million video views in three days
  • 67 million engagements across China’s social media platforms and 1.4 million likes, comments and reposts in one week, doubling average ROI of previous campaigns
  • Reposts by 54 dental influencers
  • 2,800 new WeChat followers in the week following the video launch