The Garden Sounds



We immersed visitors into the world of plants and Stiga’s brand ethos by creating an interactive ‘Garden Sounds’ installation, increasing brand affinity and purchase intent.


STIGA makes innovative, premium garden tools which respects the garden eco-system and care for all the living creatures in it. Our team was challenged with transforming STIGA Gardencare from B2B to B2C, capturing consumers' hearts with their eco-conscious approach. We looked to establish STIGA as the go-to brand for trusted and innovative garden tools in the consumer market and cultivate a passionate consumer base while driving brand consideration and preference.


Transforming STIGA from a product to a captivating lifestyle brand was our challenge. We chose Milan Design Week, a pinnacle event, to express the brand's true essence where technology, innovation, and environmental care converge.

Targeting a design-conscious audience, we showcased STIGA's credentials and premium garden care tools, resonating with Italian consumers. We wanted to create a journey through which consumers could experience the brand values, magic and its logic while understanding the value of the technology by launching at Milan Design Week, the world’s largest design event.


We devised an extraordinary concept: connecting plants with non-damaging electrodes to capture their unique frequencies. These frequencies were then translated into musical notes, creating a captivating fusion of nature and music. The Garden Sounds installation was meticulously designed as a living space, prioritizing sustainability and zero waste.

Renowned designer Matteo Cibic crafted three living sculptures, symbolizing the intricate relationship between humans and the planet. These sculptures welcomed visitors and set the tone for an immersive experience.

Within the installation, visitors engaged with the interactive elements, playing the sensor pads and creating their own melodies, which were composed by renowned composer Andrea Baroldi, using the power of plants. Alongside the musical experience, visitors received valuable gardening tips, fostering a deeper understanding of ecosystem care.


increase in brand Trust for Stiga


say they love the brand after seeing the installation


will consider Stiga products the next time they are buying garden equipment