Round Table of Health Inclusivity



Haleon presents the Round Table of Health Inclusivity, a powerful platform sparking critical discussions. By combining global data and personal stories from marginalized individuals, we shed light on the disparities in everyday health to reshape the conversation around health inclusivity.


Too many people are held back from better everyday health. It’s being driven by a lack of knowledge, understanding and support, as well as bias and underrepresentation in healthcare systems.

Haleon wanted to launch its Health Inclusivity Index by Economist Impact and engage decision makers to drive change. They wanted to do so by highlighting personal experiences of exclusion to humanize the issue and create a sense of urgency for achieving health inclusivity.


To gain the most amount of attention for the Health Inclusivity Index by Economist Impact at launch, we created a campaign centrepiece which represented both literally and metaphorically the challenges of health inclusivity, bringing a range of voices and provocative data to the table to inspire action.

By bringing the stories of those who experience bias and prejudice to the table, we made people who experience health exclusion the protagonists of the healthcare conversation, putting them at the centre of the physical and metaphorical round table for the first time.   


The table’s physical & digital design is designed for inclusivity. A tangible interface made it easier for those with intellectual and physical disabilities to understand and absorb information.

The tabletop works as a canvas enabling people to interact with the countries, data from Economist Impact’s Health Inclusivity Index, films & stories of the project.

Our Panel event at the Wellcome Collection in London set out to challenge how we all think & feel about health. It featured keynote speakers who developed the index, experts in health inclusivity who have personally experienced exclusion in some way, the CEO of Haleon & shared lived experiences from Human Library ‘books’.

An earned campaign focused on a key finding, that inclusive health policies are linked to people living longer healthier lives and amplified this through LinkedIn channels.

The Index & the Table of Health Inclusivity featured on Haleon’s website and through a paid-first social campaign targeting key audiences.


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