Go MonGOlia

The Government of Mongolia

Brand Marketing

The creative branding behind ‘Go MonGOlia’ is a universal rallying cry that invites the world to witness the emergence of a modern Mongolia, a land of boundless opportunity and authentic experiences.


Supported by the World Bank, the government of Mongolia engaged us to create a new nation brand concept, and launch the brand internationally to boost more foreign investment in Mongolia’s export sector and boost tourism.

By honoring the nation’s rich history while looking towards the future, we’ve crafted a narrative that resonates with investors, businesses and global partners.


We leveraged the nation’s unique energy and cultural heritage, embodied in the symbol of ‘GO’ to invite the world to engage with Mongolia’s untapped potential.

Recognizing Mongolia’s youthful energy as a driving force, we honed in on the resonant word ‘GO’, symbolizing the forward momentum and ambition. We created an open-source typeface derived from the national symbol, imbuing our messaging with authenticity and innovation.

Drawing from Mongolia’s rich history and vibrant landscape, we curated compelling imagery and narratives that captivated our audience. Our approach was to seamlessly blend tradition with modernity, bringing the essence of the bronze age into the digital era.

By consistently communicating our brand message across various platforms, we positioned Mongolia as a beacon of technological advancement and global potential.

Through a series of national and global events, we showcase the economic benefits of the nation brand to catalyze investment opportunities.


Based on the creative idea with ‘Go’ at the heart, we devised a comprehensive launch strategy aimed at empowering leaders to effectively convey Mongolia’s newly defined Nation Brand to potential investors and business partners. It signaled emergence onto the global stage and promising future prospects.

Consistently communicated across various platforms, the campaign portrays Mongolia as a hub of technological innovation and global ambition, primed for significant contributions to international trade and investment.

Moreover, we collaborated closely with local partners to host national stakeholder workshops, engaging scholars, policymakers, and industry leaders to showcase the economic benefits of the new national identity and how it can be leveraged across sectors.

Our engagement guidelines facilitated a successful soft launch of the brand at the esteemed World Economic Forum 2024, amplifying Mongolia’s appeal to potential investors and fostering economic growth opportunities for the government.


The Go MonGOlia brand reached key investment partner countries such as South Korea, Canada, and Japan as part of tourism campaigns, boosting foreign investment, trade deals with Mongolia.

Content about Mongolia reach 155M people worldwide. Mongolia attracted 650,000 tourists, generating USD1.2B in revenue from the tourism industry.

International positive perception of Mongolia increased by 40%, and for the first time, Mongolia was named by Lonely Planet as the top country to visit in 2024.


tourists attracted


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