Opening Up Opposites

Famous for its premium positioning and world-class sponsorships, Heineken wanted to create a deeper engagement and greater trust with its male target audience.

Our insight was that we are not as open as we think we are, but when we find common ground, over a beer, we are more likely to open up. There is more that unites us than divides us, and despite our differences, we can always find something that connects us. We validated Heineken’s POV via a scientific study from Goldsmiths University, which provided evidence that finding common ground leads people to be more open.

Then we invited people with polar opposite views to try and find something in common. Our “Worlds Apart” film secretly brought together extreme opposites and invited them to bond before revealing their true identities. The film provoked a global conversation among tens of millions of people, driven by a precision-targeted media and influencer strategy in earned media. A partnership with the Human Library gave the campaign credence, turning the acts of setting aside differences and finding common ground over a beer into a real-world experience for Heineken employees across the UK and consumers in UK pubs, bars, and summer festivals. We proved that when you look past labels, even the most divided people can come together.


  • 7.3% increase in beer sales in the UK during 12-week period following the campaign
  • 80% of consumers said Heineken is a brand for them
  • 78% felt closer affinity to the brand
  • More than 50 million views of the “Worlds Apart” film