In a bold move to prove Hellmann's mayo's holiday relevance, we unleashed the ultimate polarizing sweet-treat — Mayo-Nog. Fueled by unwavering brand trust and loyalty, we sparked nationwide conversations that captivated both eggnog enthusiasts and mayo skeptics alike. Brace yourself for the most talked about recipe of the holiday season: Mayo-Nog.


Hellmann's mayo, the #1 brand in America, is a kitchen staple year-round. But during the holidays, when sweet treats steal the spotlight, mayo gets left behind. Our challenge: showcase Hellmann's sweet side, prove its relevance in holiday recipes, and stand out in a saturated media landscape.

Boldly breaking conventions, we invited Americans to discover the world of Hellmann's sweet treats and reignite demand during this festive season.


Mayonnaise has an established history of either being loved or loathed, and we embarked on a strategy to pair Hellmann's mayo with an equally polarizing sweet treat: eggnog. Mayo-Nog was born, the ultimate holiday concoction that triggered both intrigue and disgust.

Our insight? We knew that disgusting stimuli grab attention like nothing else. By making something already polarizing even more repulsive, we captivated both supporters and critics.


With master mixologist Cody Goldstein's expertise, Hellmann's created Mayo-Nog, a frozen cocktail twist using mayo instead of egg. Shared on Instagram with a Snickerdoodle Mayo Cookie, conversations quickly sparked across social media, late-night television and editorial, captivating both passionate supports and haters.

To capitalize on this, Hellmann's encouraged sceptics and fans in New York to test the treats in real life at NYC's Amy Fontaine's. A special happy hour was also put on for press to showcase the pairing.

Mayo-Nog didn't just break through the holiday recipe conversation, but the wider holiday news conversation. It became one of the most talked about recipes in the US during the holiday season, far surpassing expectations, and showing that loved and trusted brands can take a risk.

The Outcome

The results quickly demonstrate a substantial impact, with the following highlights:

  • Over 1.2 billion earned social media impressions, showcasing the reach of the Mayo-Nog campaign.
  • Securing more than 250 broadcast placements, featuring hosts like James Corden and Gayle King, and news networks CNN and CNBC.
  • A 100% positive sentiment from media tastings, highlighting the success and reception of the campaign.
  • A 94% editorial coverage that incorporated key messaging, emphasizing Hellmann's versatility as an ingredient for sweet and savory recipes.
  • Witnessing a 14% growth in media mentions of Hellmann's in December 2022 compared to the previous year.
  • Google searches for Hellmann's were higher than searches for 'holiday recipe' during the campaign
  • The Mayo-Nog recipe captured attention, amassing 900 million impressions and featuring in 75% of coverage.


earned social media impressions


growth in media mentions


broadcast placements