Brainwave Bucket

KFC Hong Kong


In Hong Kong, KFC's groundbreaking 'Brainwave Bucket' campaign harnesses scientific experimentation to validate the stress-reducing power of comfort food. Real-time stress data readings are captured from consumers indulging in finger lickin' good chicken, using a helmet-shaped brainwave detection device resembling an inverted KFC bucket.


As the pioneer of fried chicken in Hong Kong, KFC faced fierce competition from a multitude of fast-food chains. To reclaim the spotlight and entice customers back into its stores, our team was challenged with gaining more attention, publicity and visibility for the brand.


Hong Kong is one of the most stressed cities in the world, with one of the main triggers of that stress being overthinking. Scientific studies confirm comfort food's stress-reducing power. As the fried chicken frontrunner, we seized the opportunity to put this theory to the test and reignite footfall at KFC.

Introducing the game-changing 'Brainwave Bucket' — an inverted KFC Bucket equipped with a real-time brainwave detection device. Hong Kongers eagerly embraced the challenge, devouring KFC’s juicy chicken. The result? The more they ate, the more their stress melted away.


Our first key activity was the design and creation of the ‘Brainwave Bucket’ itself. Leading up to the event, we launched a series of social assets on KFC’s owned channels, teasing the invention. Then we launched the Brainwave Bucket booth and activation in the KFC’s flagship Hong Kong store, inviting influencers, media and the public to give it a try.

We targeted lifestyle, tech and news media to cover the campaign in their publications and encouraged the public to share on their social channels too.




earned media value

17.1% +

% in sales over Hong Kong (vs. previous month)