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HP revolutionized the beloved LEGO toy by harnessing the power of paper and ink. Through innovative enhancements, we unlocked new interactive possibilities, igniting imagination for both parents and children.


In a digital age, printing has taken a backseat in creative play. HP needed to give young parents a reason to print again. We challenged the notion that printing is outdated, inspiring young parents to unleash their imagination with HP Instant Ink and their home printer.


Parents can struggle to keep their kids entertained...and while movies or smartphone games can keep children busy, parents prefer activities that encourage children's creative development and motor skills.

We couldn’t compete with the established 3D toy industry, so instead, we hacked it.

Alongside HP, we created a game-changing innovation: we hacked the iconic LEGO toy to reignite the joy of printing. Introducing HP INKmaginary Toys—together, parents and children can now download, print, and attach interactive enhancements to your LEGO bricks. HP INKmaginary Tory transformed ordinary playtime into a world of peacocks, rockets, penguins, and endless imagination.


To bring HP INKmaginary Toys to life, we collaborated with a professional brick artist. The design allowed the printables to be attached to LEGO bricks using only a hole punch; no glue or tape required, maximising the creative potential of one of the world's most iconic toys and finding a new reason for parents to print and play.

To generate awareness and visibility into this new product, the collection was made easily available for download, and we sent the collection to parent influencers, as well as displayed the collection at trade events.


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