In today’s world, where big companies with even bigger ambitions are taking over, probing every aspect of our lives and putting a price on our freedom of choice, we must protect and celebrate the self-made businessowners and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit. We must empower the people who bring diversity and freedom of choice to their neighborhoods, both offline and online.

But iZettle continues to question societal standards and wondered, could things be different?

iZettle prides itself as the commerce platform dedicated to small business, so we felt a social responsibility to stand up and speak out against the corporate giants. We know that resistance starts small. It starts with small businesses thriving. Doing their thing with passion. Bringing choice and diversity to your community.

iZettle created the “For the Selfmade” campaign to encourage consumers to ditch the corporate conglomerates and shop local. The goal is to show the diversity and freedom of choice offered by smaller players in their local areas. The “For the Selfmade” film takes viewers through a dystopian future tale of a small business owner struggling against a behemoth corporation that is putting every small company out of business, picking them and their employees off one by one — and killing off diversity, freedom of choice and authenticity in the process.

With this aim at mainstream corporations, iZettle is urging consumers to join the resistance and shop local.

The Impact

  • The film received 2 million views (1,5 millions in key market Sweden) and was praised on Twitter and Youtube
  • Our only headache was all the people wanted to see a full movie of the ad
  • Quotes: “This ad was bomb!!! So pretty, so cinematic, so neat and thought out. And well designed. I liked it more than the video iI was gonna watch that had this ad on it.” “How dare this not be a movie trailer…” “The music, the cinematography, the concept; make a full featured film and it break the box office.” “Better than Bladerunner 2049”