Sonos began as a four-person company in 2002 with a simple vision: help music lovers play any song anywhere in their homes. The one problem, however, was at that time the necessary technology to achieve our vision was nonexistent. Fast-forward to 2018, where they've invented the technology and created the highest-quality wireless audio system the world had ever seen.

So, when it came time for one of the most monumental moments for the company – getting listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange – we wanted to use it as an opportunity to show the world Sonos' unwavering commitment to sonic culture. We knew we needed to go public in a way that would break through the traditional financial outlets, capture the attention of mass consumer media and truly impact the culture.

Owners of Sonos products are loyal because they share the same values as the brand - a respect for audio quality. And a vast percentage of them own more than one. On listing day, Sonos relayed the message that no matter how they grow, their commitment to sonic quality would never waver.

The Impact

  • In the first 48 hours, we reached more than 3.7 billion impressions with 929 global stories, including 323 placements in the U.S.
  • The remastered bell received the strongest message pull-through in coverage, with mentions in more than 209 articles
  • The activation was featured in Fast Company’s “Top 5 Ads of the Week,” as well as AdAge’s “Best of 2018 Digital/Integrated” work
  • Most importantly, the sound we created has permanently replaced the original Nasdaq bell, ensuring that, every day, the sound of global commerce begins and ends with the sound of Sonos