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Multiple Myeloma (MM) is a rare, but deadly form of blood cancer. For people living with MM, traditionally aged 60+, time is everything. But that’s the one thing they don’t have. As weeks are spent awaiting treatment and test results, days blend into each other and time slips by, right when it’s becoming more precious than ever.

Janssen wanted to change that. As the leading company in MM , we were challenged to bring to life their commitment to give patients back some of their precious time, while positively impacting the experience of living with and being treated for MM.


Our brains take longer to process new activities than repetitive routines, so doing new things makes it feel as though time is moving more slowly. With this insight, we created Time Keeper, the first clock that bends time… for the user when they feed it with an open mind …

A free, first-of-its kind health care innovation, Time Keeper encourages and enables people to try novel things, from origami to beatboxing, to make the person’s brain feel like time is moving more slowly.

Not only is the Time Keeper an innovative technology product, from its advanced algorithm to suggest unique activities for each user, to its real-time representation of a user’s current perception of time vs universal clock time, but at its simplest, Time Keeper also provides a meaningful way for people living with MM to steal back their precious time from cancer.


We aimed to deliver maximum impact among MM patients, their loved ones and healthcare practitioners. We focused on delivering a real, positive impact on the lives of those who needed it most: MM patients. In their personal lives. In their treatment programmes. Every single day.

In partnership with patients, as well as a leading haematologist, we complemented the clock technology with a series of films, discussion guides and information assets, that sought to open the door to meaningful, actionable conversations between patients and their healthcare practitioners. These materials focused on the most time intensive aspects of living with MM, such as treatment, and how to address this to reclaim their time.


The campaign initially launched during Blood Cancer Awareness Month, teasing the concept via a powerful short film and executive thought leadership content.

The clock itself was then launched as an app across EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa), for free, in English across 80+ Apple app stores. Our campaign hub went live too, housing all patient assets, including discussion guides, app store download links, accessible ‘offline’ app versions, and general disease information.

Crucially, the launch was supported by a highly targeted earned and paid media strategy designed to specifically reach our key audiences. For example, audience research showed haematologists have a keen interest in technology, so we partnered with WIRED magazine to launch a Facebook and Instagram campaign to reach haematologists directly through the media they consume. We also secured an exclusive, unpaid app preview with a key EMEA-wide media title, Forbes, that showcased the clock’s transformative functionality.

The app is now being translated into local languages for roll-out in key markets.


Time Keeper raised awareness of Multiple Myeloma across EMEA while highlighting Janssen’s commitment to improving lives through innovative treatments and services. Above all, it’s helping change what living with MM means for the people who matter most: patients.

  • 2.68M Unique users reached, with more than 1M video views (+149% vs. Target) across Janssen’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (not including earned media impressions from WIRED and Forbes)
  • 715+ Key stakeholder engagements including Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), Patient Advocacy Groups (PAGs), local Operating Companies and , most importantly, people living with multiple myeloma
  • 10,500+ Visits (+439% vs. Target) to campaign landing page (average dwell time of 01:38)
  • 81% App completion with 70% of users saying they enjoyed the experience
  • Paid partnership with WIRED magazine delivering:
    • 5.7m impressions (+385% vs. Target)
    • 2k+ Facebook experience participants
    • 360 Instagram interactions


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