In China, a child’s name embodies the parents best hopes and wishes for his or her future. Eighty percent of what children learn is through their eyes. Yet most parents don’t make their children’s eyecare a priority or realize that macular-related issues can affect a child’s development. If children can’t see, how can they achieve the hopes and wishes of their own names?

We shed light on China’s myopic epidemic with an integrated campaign that launched on National Eye Care Day. It started with a short video, followed by QQ games, web banners and posters. With so many names, we needed a way to share their stories. So we created a series of free books for schools and libraries. Throughout each story, the art becomes increasingly blurry, so parents experience what myopia feels like.

We hope to inspire a new generation of Chinese parents to see the importance of early eye exams as a way to honor the hopes and wishes of their children’s names.

The Impact

  • 463 million impressions in just four days
  • 1.8 million Chinese yuan donated, which will benefit about 200,000 children
  • Earned media reach of 933 million
  • ACUVUE brand love increased 16%
  • ACUVUE consideration increased 11%
  • Awareness of myopia increased 10%