Samsung TV products deliver a deeper connection to people’s lives beyond common TV features and tech specs. One of Samsung’s latest TV models, ‘The Frame’, has a magical duality—it’s a 4K television designed to double as a frame that can display beautiful works of art when turned off.

We knew that the pandemic had a significant impact on art and culture, so when tasked with highlighting The Frame’s art mode, we tapped into the mainstream art culture and discovered something interesting—there is more art missing around the world than there is showing in all of the world’s museums combined.

This insight got us thinking, what if we could use Samsung’s The Frame to exhibit the world’s lost art? With that in mind, we created Missing Masterpieces, the world’s first online art exhibition for finding and showing lost art.


Together with a world-leading art crime historian, we exhibited a collection of 12 digitized iconic pieces of lost art on Samsung Frame TVs in homes across more than 30 European countries. From Paul Cézanne’s ‘View Auvers-sur-Oise’ to Van Gogh’s ‘Portrait of Dr. Gachet,’ Frame TV owners were able to experience and learn more about these lost pieces of art, some of which may never be discovered.

Simultaneously, we invited the world to help in the search to find these lost treasures by creating a 45-second documentary-style trailer about the exhibition. Instagram assets provided native engagement with campaign creative, posts and quiz polls, while a direct call to action allowed people to search for more clues and send tip-offs to The Association for Research into Crimes against Art (ARCA) via a dedicated email account.

The campaign captured people’s imaginations all across Europe and enabled us to showcase the Samsung Frame TV’s key differentiating feature while introducing how it can play a more meaningful role in people’s lives.


  • Campaign activated in 30+ European countries
  • 960+ campaign coverage pieces across earned owned & partner content
  • 1.07 billion impressions across earned media
  • Online traction in over 50 countries, spanning each continent
  • Coverage secured in many publications that had not featured Samsung before, including lifestyle media in Vogue Italia, Mental Floss, The Collector, So Soir; top-tier news in Euronews; and broadcast outlets in Times Radio, BBC Radio and France 24