Scent of Life



We unleashed the power of scent to raise awareness for CRSwNP, an unknown condition affecting millions. This ground-breaking campaign allows you to immerse yourself in patient stories like never before.


Sleep deprivation, chronic headaches and mental impairment are just a few of the debilitating symptoms of CRSwNP. Perhaps most distressing is the loss of smell. Because of CRSwNP’s symptoms, many are misdiagnosed and suffer for months or years without the correct treatment.

With millions of German people suffering from this condition, Sanofi was looking to raise awareness of the disease and its symptoms , rive education and empathy , create an online social community for sufferers and encourage people to seek diagnosis .


We needed to reach people who wouldn’t know they had a problem and to start a conversation about a disease nobody had heard of. Studies show that of all our senses, the sense of smell ranks last in terms of how important people find it. In fact, it was completely underestimated. People usually only realise the importance of smell after losing it.

We took this insight and turned people’s noses into a channel for our campaign. We gave people a vivid first-hand experience of what could be lost without their sense of smell, creating an emotional response and spreading awareness.


Unleashing the power of scent, we revolutionized awareness of CRSwNP on World Fragrance Day, releasing the first ever ‘patient stories in scent’ to the press & medical community in a live experience. It conveyed the significance of smell as a key element of the human experience & used its immediate and emotional impact to engage the audience on an olfactory level.

Our campaign film and influencer shares amplified the impact, while an Instagram channel and online hub empowered the CRSwNP community, allowing them to take a self-assessment & testing criteria, as well as a ‘find a doctor’ function for people who might be suffering to locate their nearest ENT specialist. Engaging the nose, we connected scents to the cause, creating a unique and unforgettable campaign.

The Outcome

The self-assessment tests have attracted 1,550 users, resulting in 1,658 sessions. The campaign film has garnered 5.8 million views. Additionally, the new CRSwNP Instagram channel has gained 1,161 followers and generated 1.4 million impressions through 30 feed posts and 50 story posts. The website has recorded 109,031 clicks from 29,151 unique users, with a total of 48,000 sessions. The campaign's reach extends to over 195 million people through digital and print press, with 175 pieces of coverage across lifestyle and medical publications. The campaign has also achieved 10.3 million paid media impressions.


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