The Covid-19 pandemic made masks an everyday necessity in 2020, and as a result, women re-prioritized their beauty products, based on which features were more commonly exposed—in fact, since March 2020, eye makeup sales are up 204% and lipstick sales are down 15%.

The pandemic also closed down salons and spas, leaving women in-need of at-home eyebrow grooming solutions. This made us wonder, how do we show women that Schick’s eyebrow shaping tool, the Hydro Silk Touch-Up, is the perfect solution for eyebrow grooming needs during this unprecedented time?


Our insight was simple yet relatable: communicating with a mask on is hard! And because half your face is covered, everything above the nose—especially your eyebrows—is now a vital part of successful nonverbal communication. Brows really are the new lips!

That’s why we partnered with eyebrow goddess Madison Bailey, star of Netflix’s “Outer Banks” and body language expert Blanca Cobb to create the Hydro Silk Brow Talk, a one-of-kind tutorial that teaches women how to effectively and confidently communicate with their newly-shaped brows while wearing a mask.

In our tutorial, Madison and Blanca walk through how to define your brows using the Hydro Silk Touch-Up tool and how to work your brows to get your point across in various social situations. Whether flirting, looking engaged during a conversation, or landing your very best “WTF” face, we gave women all the tips they need to let their brows do the talking.


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