Disinformation is running rampant

Disinformation is the purposeful dissemination of false information intended to mislead or harm. This can manifest in a range of unusual ways, including intentional fabrications and falsities, distortions of reality in which true and false information are blended together and/or deceiving exaggerations that are not corrected. This results in consumers becoming more willing to believe disinformation, particularly on topics that they might not regularly follow, such as an industry’s labor practices, the efficacy of a drug or the nuances of an organization’s corporate finances.

Disinformation has grown exponentially. As its weapons reach economies of scale, additional bad actors are flooding in to inflict financial harm on markets, industries and organizations for their own personal gain.

Edelman’s Disinformation Shield Is
The First Holistic Private Sector Offering

Informed by leading minds in the international security industry and academia to combat disinformation before it spreads.

It's Hidden. Unmask It

New tools allow us to uncover threats and analyze likely paths of spread before disinformation is disseminated.

It's Fast. Get Ahead of It

Data-driven solutions provide organizations precise risk vectors, identifies vulnerable stakeholders, and provides tools needed to distribute count.

It's Spreading. Combat It

Targeted comms campaigns reach at-risk audiences before disinformation permanently erodes trust with stakeholders, while disinformation is flagged.

Are you at risk?

Virtually every organization is a potential target for disinformation. However, illicit actors are targeting organizations that offer greater financial rewards. If your business belongs within the categories below, you should be considered a tier-one target:

  • CEO with public profile
  • Product in highly competitive market
  • Publicly traded
  • Outspoken on social justice / environmental programs
  • Global footprint or customer base
  • Foreign state owned
  • Financial sector
  • Energy sector
  • Telecomms sector
  • Defense sector
  • Food and agriculture sector
  • Healthcare sector

Expertise Leads



Yannis Kotziagkiaouridis

Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Yannis Kotziagkiaouridis oversees Edelman Data & Intelligence (DxI). He has based his 20-year career on the fundamental principle that data can help brands build stronger relationships with people, and advocates for Data with Empathy: the principle that data should be given from people to organizations, freely and purposefully, to drive mutual value exchange. He was previously the global Chief Analytics Officer at Wunderman Thompson, where he was responsible for driving A.I. and machine learning applications for some of the largest brands in the world.


Jim O'Leary

U.S. COO and Chair, Corporate Affairs

Jim O’Leary advises CEOs and Fortune 500 executives on how to navigate complex business, geopolitical, and strategic communications challenges. He has nearly two decades of experience working with organizations to enable enterprise transformation, recover in the wake of a crisis and drive revenue growth.


Patrick Hillmann

Executive Vice President, Crisis & Risk

Patrick is a 15-year veteran in the crisis management and international security space. Previous work includes supporting the European Commission through the Russian-Georgian War, counseling the US White House, and working on numerous projects related to the 2015 European Migrant Crisis.


Anjuli Bedi

Global Psychometrics Lead

Anjuli Bedi leads Edelman's Global Behavioral Science and Psychometrics practice. With over 10 years of experience in audience engagement strategy, data analytics, and the media industry, Bedi specializes in leveraging the power of computational psychometrics and behavioural science for social and consumer behaviour change. Bedi built the first computational psychometrics practice in APAC and developed psychometric and analytics solutions for organisations such as HP, Turner and Astellas. She also manages Edelman’s anti-human trafficking initiative that uses data, technology and communications campaigns to disrupt human trafficking.​

Prior to joining Edelman, Bedi led content programming and data at HOOQ TV, an Asian regional Netflix competitor. She also managed the audience engagement and data consulting work for major Hollywood studios with the University of Southern California Annenberg Innovation Lab. While with the Annenberg Innovation Led, she led a computational behavioural science project for a major Hollywood studio that proved the business case for female-led superhero movies, the value of female superhero fans, and transformed the studio’s strategy towards the portrayal of female characters in the 21st century.​

Bedi is a contributing author to the World Economic Forum and guest lectures and publishes on the use of AI and big data for social causes, fan engagement, and human trafficking. She was awarded a High Commendation at Google’s Women in Tech Awards for her work in applying big data to social causes.

Bedi holds an M.B.A. from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business and an Executive Certificate in Predictive Analytics from Hong Kong University. In her spare time, she can usually be found shooting photos or writing stories.


Felicia Joy

Executive Vice President, Head of Behavioral Science

Felicia Joy, Executive Vice President, Head of Behavioral Science - A Harvard-trained behavioral scientist. She leads Edelman’s behavioral science client offering and partnerships. Based in Chicago, she and her team work across Edelman’s global network. Her background includes more than 10 years of experience in strategy, issue management and communications.


Steven Behm

Chair, U.S. Crisis, Risk and Reputation

Steven leads Edelman’s national Crisis, Risk and Reputation practice and helps companies, nonprofits and governmental agencies manage their reputations through critical exposure moments. Steve manages clients’ issues across a spectrum of readiness and response work, including preparedness planning, litigation communication, cyber-security, corporate reputation management, and immediate response.


Dan Webber

President of Edelman, Washington, DC

Dan Webber is President of Edelman Washington D.C. where he leads 250+ professionals that help clients proactively tell their stories and navigate challenges around the world. Dan specializes in helping clients prepare for, navigate and overcome critical areas of risk, issues and crises. During the past 15+ years at Edelman, Dan has worked with many different organizations to provide counsel and support related to reputation issues and crises. This includes activating rapid response incident response teams, developing training and simulations for several Fortune 500 companies, and standing up ad hoc triage teams for brand new clients that call with an incident with minimal planning or governance in place.