Disinformation is running rampant

Disinformation is the purposeful dissemination of false information intended to mislead or harm. This can manifest in a range of unusual ways, including intentional fabrications and falsities, distortions of reality in which true and false information are blended together and/or deceiving exaggerations that are not corrected. This results in consumers becoming more willing to believe disinformation, particularly on topics that they might not regularly follow, such as an industry’s labor practices, the efficacy of a drug or the nuances of an organization’s corporate finances.

Disinformation has grown exponentially. As its weapons reach economies of scale, additional bad actors are flooding in to inflict financial harm on markets, industries and organizations for their own personal gain.

Edelman’s Countering Disinformation Is
The First Holistic Private Sector Offering

Informed by leading minds in the international security industry and academia to combat disinformation before it spreads.

It's Hidden. Unmask It

New tools allow us to uncover threats and analyze likely paths of spread before disinformation is disseminated.

It's Fast. Get Ahead of It

Data-driven solutions provide organizations precise risk vectors, identifies vulnerable stakeholders, and provides tools needed to distribute count.

It's Spreading. Combat It

Targeted comms campaigns reach at-risk audiences before disinformation permanently erodes trust with stakeholders, while disinformation is flagged.

Are you at risk?

Virtually every organization is a potential target for disinformation. However, illicit actors are targeting organizations that offer greater financial rewards. If your business belongs within the categories below, you should be considered a tier-one target:

  • CEO with public profile
  • Product in highly competitive market
  • Publicly traded
  • Outspoken on social justice / environmental programs
  • Global footprint or customer base
  • Foreign state owned
  • Financial sector
  • Energy sector
  • Telecomms sector
  • Defense sector
  • Food and agriculture sector
  • Healthcare sector

Expertise Leads



Dave Fleet

Global Head of Digital Crisis

Dave has been advising senior clients on reputation management and digital communications for almost two decades. As Head of Global Digital Crisis, Dave is responsible for ensuring the seamless integration of digital, data and intelligence in Edelman’s global crisis offering.

Since joining Edelman in 2010, Dave has played senior roles on clients across a wide variety of clients across different sectors. Prior to this role, Dave led Edelman’s Canadian Digital practice for five years, overseeing a team spanning Edelman’s five Canadian offices. He also oversaw the growth of the Canadian Insights and Analytics, Paid Media, Project Management, and Influencer Marketing teams. Dave’s team won a slew of awards at shows including Cannes Lions, CLIOs, CPRS, IABC and Canadian Marketing Awards.

Dave led Edelman Canada’s integrated crisis response team in for a Fortune 50 manufacturer during a global crisis, spending almost two years as part of the client’s executive board overseeing the crisis response and working directly with the C-suite.

Dave sits on the Program Advisory Committee for post-graduate marketing courses at Seneca College. He is also a mentor for the BANFF Spark Marketing Accelerator for Women in the Business of Media.

Dave graduated from the University of Bath with an honours degree in business administration.