Millennials With Money, a follow-up to our first deep-dive in 2016 on this generation’s relationship with money and financial services, revisits these dynamics now that they’re beginning to approach their 40s, starting and growing families and paying more attention to growing their wealth. This research is based on a survey of 1,000 affluent Millennials (defined here as having at least $50K in investable assets or $100K in individual or joint income) with comparison groups of non-affluent Millennials and affluent Gen Xers.

Millennials are the largest generation in the United States, making up more than a quarter of the nation’s living population. They are the most diverse and the most educated. They are the first “digital natives.” They have come of age in times of great economic prosperity and economic uncertainty. And they are incredibly nuanced.

This generation has grown up, continued to amass wealth and is now entering the heart of the financial services market. As is true whenever a new cohort ages up into a market, the organizations that serve that market will need to adjust their assumptions, communications and even their operations.

Millennials with Money is designed to give the financial services industry an understanding of how more affluent members of this generation differ from their Generation X predecessors and how they are likely to change the financial services landscape in general.

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