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KFC teamed up with gaming influencers, Minecraft, and a noble cause. Together, we launched an in-game mission to fight food waste. Every success in the game led to real-world donations to food banks. Awareness soared, impact multiplied.


In Mexico, 28.8 million people live in food deprivation, while 1 out of every 3 food items produced is wasted.

KFC's primary target market, late millennials and Gen Z, are not aware of this reality, and KFC wanted to change that.

In line with the UN 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goal #2, Zero Hunger, KFC developed Harvest, an ongoing program against hunger and food waste, and challenged us to create a disruptive opportunity for young Mexicans to join them as a part of the solution through food donations.


Minecraft, a popular game amongst Gen Z, requires players to be mindful of food conservation in virtual play; however, Gen Z is unaware of the amount of food waste happening in real life.

We bridged the gap by partnering with Minecraft, turning gamers into real-world food heroes. With a specially designed map, we raised awareness of food waste and challenged gamers to take unsold food to the in-game Food Bank. For every in-game donation, we made a real-world food donation.


We transformed World Food Day into a captivating Minecraft experience. Our custom parkour MOD (modification to the game) showcased the journey of food donations to food banks. Top gaming influencers and their communities joined the cause, livestreaming the MOD on Twitch and inviting others to participate.

Along the quest, we highlighted KFC Harvest messages with billboards, Colonel Sanders interventions, and 26 user interface checkpoints.


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Hours of gameplay


chicken pieces donated through Minecraft´s online map, equivalent to 13 thousand meals in the real world