Lung Story Short



Asthma isn't just one-size-fits-all. To find the right treatment, you must unravel the secrets of your unique asthma type. AstraZeneca created 'Asthma Behaving Badly,’ a comedy short to raise awareness of the different asthma types.


Most people think asthma is (and should be treated) the same, but AstraZeneca was looking for a campaign to delve into the misconceptions surrounding asthma treatment. By shedding light on the existence of different asthma types, we aimed to address the dissatisfaction and lack of symptom control experienced by many sufferers.

Our insights revealed that treating asthma as a uniform condition often led to frustration and resignation. We sought to educate and empower individuals by emphasizing the importance of understanding their specific asthma type for tailored treatment. Through captivating storytelling and informative content, we aimed to raise awareness and reshape perceptions surrounding asthma management.


Introducing eosinophilic asthma, a lesser-known type of asthma often overlooked. Our challenge was to capture attention and engage audiences long enough to convey important information. Thus, "Lung Story Short" was born — a witty, unbranded campaign that defied the conventional style of health campaigns. Through humor and entertaining storytelling, we aimed to raise awareness about the existence of different asthma types and the crucial need for personalized treatment. By blending entertainment with education, we sparked curiosity and prompted viewers to discover the key message: understanding your specific asthma type is essential for effective treatment.


"Asthma Behaving Badly" is a comedy short featuring Tony Hale, playing both himself and his personified asthma. The film opens with Tony addressing the camera, expressing the need for a serious conversation with his asthma. As the camera zooms out, another Tony Hale appears, representing his personified asthma, looking visibly annoyed.

A lively and tense discussion unfolds between Tony and his asthma, as they confront their long-standing disagreements and argue over who is responsible for determining Tony's specific asthma type, triggers, and potential solutions.

Concluding with a call to action, viewers are directed to the website, where they can discover their asthma type and find appropriate treatment options.

This film is part of the broader "Lung Story Short" campaign, which includes additional engaging social films to raise awareness about asthma.


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