A Step In Time


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To raise the profile of Rare Diseases, Alexion Pharmaceuticals launched #AStepInTime, a campaign to generate awareness about one of the most challenging issues about Rare Diseases: the time taken for an accurate diagnosis.


In Spain, three million lives are held captive by rare diseases, waiting for answers. Alexion, a global biopharmaceutical company, and FEDER, Spanish Federataion of Rare Diseases, united to make greater investment in scientific research to speed up the time it typically takes to accurately diagnose rare diseases.

We joined to help raise awareness, mobilize communities, and demand action from decision-makers.


Lost in uncertainty, rare disease patients yearn for a diagnosis that holds their hope and future. Suspended in a perpetual limbo, they battle anguish and loneliness, unseen by the world. But within the diagnosis lies liberation, unlocking their lives anew.

Our strategy was to raise awareness and unveil the transformative power of early diagnosis through personal stories. By uniting research and compassion, these patients could be gifted with precious years of normalcy.


Unleashing the power of social media, Alexion and FEDER launched a campaign that sparked a movement.

The compelling main film led people to a digital hub, where sharing meant giving time to those in need. Influencers bravely shared their own stagnant experiences, urging their audience to join the cause and break the time barrier. Healthcare professionals, decision-makers, and political agents were not left behind, as informative activations in hospitals and the Spanish Chamber of Deputies amplified awareness.

On the digital hub, people could witness the impact in real-time as the counter tallies donated hours.




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