The extraordinary power of a little jar

For over 140 years, Vaseline® has been helping people safely heal their skin. But despite this storied past, the healing power of Vaseline® Jelly is oftentimes taken for granted. Vaseline® tasked us with reinvigorating its brand purpose, which led us to investigate the importance of skin care across the globe. Our research showed that for people who live amid crisis and disaster, a small cut or skin injury can lead to disease, immobility and can even be life-threatening. With this insight in mind, we created a social mission for Vaseline® that could give aid and relief to people who need it most while presenting the brand as one that truly makes a difference.

We launched The Vaseline® Healing Project, an aid effort with Direct Relief to provide dermatological care, Vaseline® Jelly and medical supplies to help heal the skin of people affected by poverty or emergencies around the world. We enlisted dermatologists at The World Congress of Dermatology to help spread the word among the skin care community, as well as high-profile, credible spokespeople — actress Viola Davis and dermatologists Grace Bandow and Samer Jaber — to help raise awareness of skin issues and tell the personal stories of those who are excluded from traditional medical systems.

We also worked with Unilever to establish a “buy one to help heal one” promotion at the largest U.S. retailers.


  • Over 3.2 million people healed to date
  • 1 million+ units of Vaseline products donated to areas in need
  • 13,000+ consumers donated healing kits through the online virtual kit builder
  • 1.5 billion earned impressions, with over 915 placements