At Edelman, we know that diversity of all types — gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion, veteran’s status, disability and more — and inclusion enhance our vibrant work culture and help deliver stronger business results. We also believe that a workforce, comprised of employees from all demographics and with diversity in backgrounds and experiences, provides our clients with diverse perspectives that reflect our changing world and enhances our vibrant work culture. Through maximizing and leveraging this talent we are able to provide innovative and creative solutions for our clients which is central to who we are and what we do at Edelman. 

Everything we do is guided by our organizational values – the relentless pursuit of excellence, freedom to be constantly curious and courage to do the right thing. As a family-owned firm, inclusion is a natural extension of these values. That is why we are committed to maintaining an open and nurturing environment that fosters collaboration, drives diverse thinking among our employees and partners, and creates a culture that respects and celebrates D&I inside the walls of our agency and within the diverse communities where our clients operate.

We’ve enlisted several ongoing efforts to create a work environment where D&I are woven into our culture, behaviors, processes and operations with a focus on employee networks, training, recruitment and partnerships, among other initiatives. Our new D&I training is tailored to our business and is required for each member of our U.S. workforce. The goal is to ensure each employee has the knowledge and tools to help them in creating a more inclusive work environment and culture.

Our six Employee Network Groups serve as vehicles to build an internal community in which employees can share, learn and grow — professionally and personally. These groups are the catalyst for helping our employees create a community within the larger Edelman family. Through the work of the networks, our employees play an active role in acknowledging, celebrating and educating fellow colleagues about diverse cultures, ideals and beliefs. In fact, our networks were instrumental in hosting firm-wide employee town hall discussions following shootings in Orlando and tragic police shootings in the U.S. to encourage dialogue and drive understanding.