As more of our daily lives go online and the data we share is used in new and innovative ways, privacy and security have become important trust and reputation issues. For businesses, the growing volume and sensitivity of information being shared, stored and used is driving demand for greater transparency about how such information is being protected (security) and managed (privacy). As a result, data security and privacy have moved from the backroom to the boardroom. Data breaches and privacy missteps now regularly make headlines and are a focal point for social media discussions and legislation worldwide. Failure to communicate on these important issues can damage business by eroding trust, tarnishing brand and reputation, as well as undermining competitiveness.

Our Data Security & Privacy team helps organizations of all sizes and across sectors navigate the increasingly complex environment surrounding the collection, use and protection of corporate and personal data. We help organizations prepare for and manage communications around a data breach or cyber-attack. Through developing comprehensive communications plans and processes, we help companies communicate quickly and thoughtfully following a data incident. We also work with companies across a variety of sectors to proactively plan and train against likely security and privacy issues, influence the policy agenda and define leadership positioning.

Who We Are

  • Dedicated Data Security & Privacy Crisis Communications team with decades of experience helping companies across various industries handle the most complex reputation challenges
  • Global footprint with privacy and security communications experts based around the world who understand local laws and culture
  • Experience successfully managing a range of security issues, including data breaches exposing PII and PHI, ransomware, skimming, DDoS attacks and employee negligence


We Are the Team Behind…

  • Leading response efforts for the second largest health care data breach to date
  • Protecting a leading national retailer in the face of a credit card breach days after the Target breach occurred
  • Collaborating with one of the country’s largest public universities to develop a multi-stakeholder breach response strategy
  • Providing ongoing cybersecurity preparedness activities for one of largest department store chains in the U.S.
  • Designing an immersive cybersecurity crisis simulation exercise for the executive team of a leading online payments provider

How We Can Support

Front-End Preparedness

Live Breach Response

  • Analyze & Assess Risk
  • Pre-Notification Response Strategy
  • Build & Enhance Incident Response Plans
  • Material Development and Training
  • Test & Train
  • Notification Communications Support
  • Operate & Manage
  • Reputation Recovery




Countering Disinformation

The First Holistic Private Sector Offering

Informed by leading minds in the international security industry and academia to combat disinformation and inoculate stakeholders before it spreads.

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